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This page lists a few resources about Albanian royal history as well as information about other aspects of the Albanian nation of past and present.

The main purpose of this page is to provide the text of the 1928 Constitution under the House of Zogu. I have added legal documents of 1939, which were forced on the national assembly after the Italian occupation, to give the background of how the Zogu dynasty was overthrown.

The monarchy was abolished by the communist regime in January 1946. King Zog I of the Albanians (1895-1961), who had offered to arrange a referendum on the form of government as soon as the war had finished, was never allowed to return to his fatherland. His son, (titular) King Leka I (1939 - ), who since 2002 has lived in Albania after years of exile, is today head of the dynasty and thereby pretender to the Albanian throne.

More information, including genealogy, will be added later.

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