King of Sweden's rescript addressed to the President of the Norwegian Storthing, renouncing the Crown of Norway on behalf of himself and any member of his family

Stockholm 26 October 1905


Now that I have on behalf of Sweden recognized Norway as a State severed from union with Sweden, I make the following communication as regards my own position towards Norway and the occurrences connected with the Resolution of the Storting of the 7th June last.

I hereby express my decision to abdicate the Norwegian Crown, which, in despite of my upright intentions, has during the past year brought me so much bitterness, and which, moreover, I could not for the future wear to any good purpose, seeing that by a Resolution of the Storting in conflict with the law the Royal prerogative of suspensory veto has been set aside.

Nevertheless, in truth, I wish only the good of that land and people which I have from my early youth always sincerely loved, and whose prosperity it has always lain near my heart to promote in so far as this object could be combined with the fulfilment of my duties as King over both realms of the Scandinavian peninsula.

Having regard to the direction which the relations between the two peoples have taken, I cannot believe that it would be advantageous either for Sweden or for Norway that any member of my family in the direct succession should accept election as King in Norway. Mistrust and suspicion would be sure to arise in both countries, and would fall upon him as well as myself. Thereby might easily be disturbed the more friendly feelings which will, I hope, for the good of both nations, in no long time be once more restored in order to preserve the peace between the two - from henceforth divided - realms of the Scandinavian peninsula. I therefore declare that I am unable to accept the proposal made by the Storting.

To those who have served me with fidelity in Norway during my reign of thirty-three years, and who still retain any affection for their former King, I send my heartiest thanks and my sincerest good wishes.

Palace of Stockholm, the 26th October 1905.


British and foreign papers. 1904-1905, Vol. XCVIII (98), London: Foreign Office, 1909, p. 818-819.

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