Lex Regia (Konge-Lov)

(Unofficial translation)

Lex Regia (Konge-Lov)

Sanctioned on 14 November 1665.

Art. 1 - Art. 20. Repealed.

Art. 21. No Prince of the Blood, who resides here in the Realm and in Our territory, shall marry, or leave the Country, or take service under foreign Masters, unless he receives Permission from the King.

Art. 22 - Art. 24. Repealed.

Art. 25. They* should answer to no Magistrate Judges, but their first and last Judge shall be the King, or to whom He to that decrees.

Art. 26 - Art. 40. Repealed.

* The word "They" in Art. 25 of the act refers to the princes and princesses, cf. the editioral note at Retsinfo.dk's Danish version.


Lex Regia was repealed by the Constitution of 1849 with the exception of articles 27-40 (concerning the succession) and articles 21 and 25 (concerning the Royal princes and princesses). Articles 27-40 were repealed by the Act of Succession of 31 July 1853.

The Act. of Succession of 27 March 1953 Art. 5 third paragraph says that "Where a person entitled to succeed to the Throne enters into marriage without the consent of the King given in the Council of State, the person in question shall forfeit his right of succession to the Throne for himself and the children born of the marriage and for their issue." Evidently, this paragraph is more strict than Art. 21 of the Lex Regia. For some reason the latter, even though it deals with the same topic, was not repealed when the 1953 law came into force on 5 June 1953.

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