Law repealing the Laws of January 4, 1926, accepting the Renunciation of Prince Carol and the Regency appointed by the King, and recognising Prince Carol's Succession to the Throne of Roumania

Bucharest, June 8, 1930.


In the name of the Roumanian people, the Council of Ministers, exercising, in accordance with article 81 of the constitution, the constitutional powers of the Sovereign,

The Legislative Assembly have voted and adopted, and we sanction, the following law. -

Sole Article. - The legislative bodies, united in a single Assembly and constituting the National Parliament, declare annulled:

The law promulgated by Royal decree No. 13, published in the Monitor Oficial, No. 4, of the 5th January, 1926, recognising the renunciation by His Royal Highness Carol of the right of succession to the Throne and of all rights, titles and prerogatives which, in virtue of the constitution and the Royal Family statute, he enjoyed as Crown Prince of Roumania and as a member of the reigning family.

They likewise declare annulled the law promulgated by the Royal decree No. 14 of the 4th January, 1926, by which the National Parliament recognised the Regency nominated by His Majesty King Ferdinand I.

Consequently, under articles 77 and 79 of the constitution, the National Parliament affirm that the succession to the Throne devolves by right on His Royal Highness Prince Carol, the direct and legitimate descendant in order of male primogeniture of King Ferdinand I.

The senate and the Chamber of Deputies, assembled in the National Parliament, in accordance with the articles 77 and 79 of the constitution, in session of the 8th June, 1930, and in the presence of 185 senators out of the total number of 244 and of 311 deputies out of the total of 387, voted and adopted this law by a majority of 485 votes to 1.

We promulgate this law and command that it be sealed with the Seal of the State and published in the Monitor Oficial.

Given at Bucharest, the 8th June, 1930.

G.G. Mironescu Mihai Popovici I. Lugosianu
Pan Halippa Eduard Mirot D.R. Ionitescu
I. Mihalache N. Condeescu


British and foreign state papers. 1930. Part I. Vol. CXXXII, London: HMSO, 1935, pp. 874-875.

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