The Flyen Family

Flyen of Folldal, county of Hedmark

This page is dedicated to the Flyen family which has the farm Søndre Flyen in Folldal in the county of Hedmark as its ancestral home. The complete descendance of the Flyen family will not be given here, but I hope this could be a starting point for gaining further information about the family and for establishing contact with the various branches in Norway and in the USA.

Descendants of Lars Olsen Flyen and Ingrid Estensdatter Trysilplass

Lars Olsen Flyen was the son of Ole Larsen Flyen (1800-1887) and Anne Olsdatter Lillekroken (1801-1834).

Lars Olsen Flyen, b. Folldal 1 Feb 1823, d. Folldal 1 June 1909; m. 23 June 1850 Ingrid Estensdatter Trysilplass, b. Folldal 29 Sep 1831, d. Folldal 14 May 1881, daughter of Esten Kristoffersen Trysilplass (1811-1839) and Kari Olsdatter Nilsgard (b. 1810, d.--). 14 children:

  1. Ane Kristine Larsdatter Flyen (30 Jan 1850-21 Jan 1851)
  2. Ane Kristine Larsdatter Flyen II (17 Oct 1851-28 Jan 1939), unm.
  3. Kari Larsdatter Flyen (13 Sept 1853-31 Jan 1943), emigrated to the USA, year unknown
  4. Ole Larsen Flyen (1855-1874)
  5. Esten Larsen Flyen (1857-1860)
  6. Mari Larsdatter Flyen (14 March 1859-20 Feb 1933), m. Ole Tollefsen Hoelseth, Åmot
  7. Esten Larsen Flyen II (23 Jan 1861-28 Jan 1942), emigrated to the USA (Hixton, WI) 8 April 1885, settled in Stanley, WI, m. Emma Moen
  8. Ingrid Larsdatter Flyen (16 July 1862-13 July 1940), emigrated to the USA (Hixton, WI) 3 Sept 1886, settled in Fall Coulee, WI, married Sundkvist
  9. Lars Larsen Flyen (2 Jan 18641 ), emigrated to the USA (Eau Claire, WI) 2 June 1882
  10. Oline Larsdatter Flyen (15 Aug 1865), m. Syver Haugen, Dovre
  11. Marit Larsdatter Flyen (23 Aug 1867-8 Oct 1942), emigrated to the USA (Hixton, WI) 8 April 1885, settled in Fall Coulee, WI, m. Andrew Holtrud
  12. Ingeborg Larsdatter Flyen (5 Oct 1869), emigrated to the USA in 1903, m., settled in Chicago, IL.
  13. Sigrid Larsdatter Flyen (10 Sept 1871-13 Feb 1930), m. Beitrusten
  14. Ole Larsen Flyen II (10 Aug 1875-25 Feb 1957), m. Karethe Estensdatter Brandsnes, took over the farm

(1) The parish book of Folldal (Folldal in Alvdal, KLOK no. 1 (1857-1893), Born and christened, 1864, p. 22, no. 7), cf. also family information.

Also other family members from Flyen Søndre (Flyen South) emigrated to the USA. See Støen: 2002, pp. 298-301.


The Flyen Bible

Thorvald Victor Olsen Hoelseth (1881–1888) received the Flyen Bible on 21 May 1882 as a gift from his uncle Lars Larsen Flyen (b. Folldal 1864), who emigrated to the United States the following month. Lars Larsen Flyen himself received the bible (1868 edition) in 1874 from his sponsor Kari Olsdatter Bransnes (Brandsnæs).

After Thorvald's death, the bible was kept by his parents Ole Tollefsen Hoelseth (1856–1940) and Mari Larsdatter Hoelseth, née Flyen (1859–1933), and one of them wrote genealogical details on the second and third page. The bible was later inherited by their second son Oscar M. Hoelseth (1884–1954), after him his second son Arne Hoelseth (1916–2007), who gave it to his grandson Dag T. Hoelseth.

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