The Ramstad Family

Ramstad, Sykkylven, county of Møre and Romsdal

Bøen, one of the Ramstad farms in Ramstaddalen, is situated in Sykkylven municipality in the county of Møre and Romsdal in Western Norway.


As of now only a short version of the older generations of the Ramstad genealogy will be published here.

Lars Elias Johan Olsen (Svinnset) Ramstad, b. Ramstaddalen, Sykkylven 21 March 1865, d. 17 January 1947, son of Ole Larssen Svinnset (1836-1920) and Anne Eline Eriksdatter Ramstad (1843-1897); m1. Ørskog church 29 June 1885 Anne Oline Jørgensdatter Ramstad, b. Bøen, Ramstaddalen, Sykkylven 6 March 1866, d. 23 March 1924; m2. 1928 Karoline Josefine Anna Johansdatter Lindset, b. 1872, d. 1959, daughter of Johan Thomas Elias Johansen Sjøholt (became a farmer at Lindset) and Lovise Petrine Oline Larsdatter Amdam. 3 children in the first marriage (line 1–line 3):

  1. Ole Andreas Ramstad (1885-1943), m. 1909 Anne Sofie Kristensdatter Viseth (1886-1969). 7 children. Numerous descendants.
  2. Jørgen Ramstad (1891-1963), m. Anna Elisabet Bystrom (1897-1988). 4 children. Numerous descendants in the USA. Surname also spelt Ramstead.
  3. Olav Julius Ramstad (1896-1967), m. 1915 Berte Oline Berntsdatter Blindheim (1894-1973). 4 children. Numerous descendants.

Updating the genealogy

I would love to get updates on the Ramstad family, so if you are related to the ones mentioned above, why don't you contact the webmaster (great grandson of no. 1, Ole Andreas Ramstad)?

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