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  • 12 May 2011: Birth of Viktoria Aasen Hoelseth.
  • 28 July 2010: Birth announcement of Sigrid Flatebø Hoelseth in Sandefjords Blad

    Sigrid's birth has been or will be announced in several newspapers (paper editions), including Lindesnes (26 July 2010), Sandefjords Blad (28 July 2010), Aftenposten (29 July 2010), Vårt Land and Fædrelandsvennen.

    The announcement in Sandefjords Blad 28 July 2010 was also made available in the electronic version (with photo).

  • 17 July 2010: Birth of Sigrid Flatebø Hoelseth

    Dag Trygsland Hoelseth and Synnøve Flatebø Hoelseth have become parents to their first child, a girl named Sigrid Flatebø Hoelseth, who was born at Oslo Universitetssykehus, dep. Rikshospitalet, Gaustad in Oslo, on 17 July 2010.

  • Spring 2010: Master thesis in archeology by Astrid Hoelseth Bjørlo: Fra landnåmet til fristatens slutt: Migrasjon, tradisjon og strategier i Eyjafjörður.
  • 22 December 2009: Aleksander Aasen Hoelseth photos

    Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

  • 19 December 2009: Aleksander Aasen Hoelseth hired as «toy tester»

    8 months' old Aleksander Aasen Hoelseth has been hired as a «toy tester» for the birthday specialist The company's chairman of the board is the baby boy's father, Ole Trygsland Hoelseth.

  • 23 November 2009: Birth of Stella Thurmann-Hoelseth

    Pål André Aas Hoelseth (son of Per and Anne-Grethe Hoelseth) and his partner Dagny Thurmann-Moe have become parents to their second child, a girl named Stella Thurmann-Hoelseth, who was born at Oslo Universitetssykehus, Rikshospitalet, Gaustad in Oslo, on 23 November 2009. Their first child, Indie Othilie, was born on 25 March 2008.

  • 14 November 2009: The Hoelseth Family on Facebook! For descendants of Tollef Olsen Hoelseth (1825-1876) of Åmot, Østerdalen, Norway

  • 25 September 2009: Death of Bernt Nornes

    Harold Jerome Nornes, b. 1 May 1930, died at Smyr,a Tennessee on 25 September 2009, cf. Nornes News Notes 4 November 2009. He left behind his wife Margie, daughters Debbie Hanna and Sandy Nornes, and son Ronnie; his sister Idelle Bagne, four grandchildren, and one great-grandchild

    (Kristen Tollefsen Holseth (1792-1858) → Kersti Kristensdatter Holseth (1834-1920) → Inger Ottersdatter Holseth (1868-1948) → Martha Grambo (1898-1897) → Harold Nornes (1930-2009))

  • 21 April 2009: Birth of Aleksander Aasen Hoelseth

    Ole Trygsland Hoelseth and his partner Kitt Merete Aasen have become parents to a boy, Aleksander Aasen Hoelseth, born at Sykehuset Vestfold [Vestfold Hospital], Tønsberg, on Tuesday 21 April 2009 at 06.23. The boy weighed 3400 g (7.495 lbs) and was 49 cm (19.29 inches) long.

  • 14.01.2009: 85 years since the birth of Grandma Torborg Hoelseth

    Today, 14 January 2009, "farmor"/"bestemor" ("Granny") Torborg Hoelseth, née Ekeli, would have celebrated her 85th anniversary. She was born at Grønli, Sandefjord, on 14 January 1924 as the youngest daughter of Torkild Johan Ekeli (1878-1939) and Gunda Helene Hansen (1879-1962). She married on 19 September 1942 Arne Hoelseth (1916-2007), second son of Oscar Marthin Hoelseth (1884-1954) and Astrid Mathea Strand (1893-1973).

    Torborg Hoelseth died at Sandefjord Hospital on 21 November 1992 and is buried at Ekeberg cemetery, Sandefjord.

    She left behind 4 children, 8 grandchildren and at the time of her death 3 great grandchildren. As of today there are 10 great grandchildren and another one on its way (May 2009).

    Vestfold fylke, Sandefjord, Fødselsregister nr. 1 (1916-1932), Fødte og døpte 1924, side 119, nr. 3: (Vestfold county, Sandefjord, Birth register no. 1 (1916-1932), Born and christened 1924, p. 119, no. 3):

    Vestfold fylke, Sandefjord, Klokkerbok nr. 4 (1920-1931), Fødte og døpte 1924, side 42, nr. 9 (Vestfold county, Sandefjord, Precentor's book no. 4 (1920-1931), Born and christened, p. 42, no. 9):

    Torborg was christened at Sandefjord church on 9 March 1924. Sponsors were her mother, Miss Gudrun Louise Gjelstad (her first cousin), Amund Tomassen and Rolf Gunvar Ekeli (her elder half-brother).

    The grave of Torborg and Arne Hoelseth at Ekeberg cemetery, Sandefjord: (photo: Dag T. Hoelseth)

  • 25.03.2008 Birth of Indie Othilie Thurmann-Hoelseth: Aftenposten (Aguiden) 27 March 2008

  • Wedding: Synnøve Flatebø og Dag Trygsland Hoelseth giftet seg i Mandal kirke lørdag 13. oktober 2007 kl. 1400.

    Synnøve Flatebø and Dag Trygsland Hoelseth were married at Mandal church on Saturday 13 October 2007 at 2 p.m.

  • Arne Hoelseth, b. Østre Halsen, Tjølling [Larvik] 3 May 1916, died at Nygård sykehjem (nursing home), Sandefjord, on 1 July 2007. Grave at Ekeberg cemetery, Sandefjord

  • 5 May 2007: The engagement is announced between Dag Trygsland Hoelseth, son of Bjørn Hoelseth and Aud Trygsland Hoelseth, and Synnøve Flatebø, daughter of Eivind Arne Flatebø and Liv Ringdahl Flatebø. The wedding takes place in Mandal church on Saturday 13 October 2007.

    5. mai 2007: Forlovelse er inngått mellom Dag Trygsland Hoelseth, sønn av Bjørn Hoelseth og Aud Trygsland Hoelseth, og Synnøve Flatebø, datter av Eivind Arne Flatebø og Liv Ringdahl Flatebø. Bryllupet finner sted i Mandal kirke lørdag 13. oktober 2007.

  • Lockey White, granddaughter of Grace Hoelseth White (and sister of Tim White), married Wolfgang Rehmert at the Durham House, Portland, Oregon on Saturday 29 November 2003. The ceremony was conducted by the venerable Lama Somananda Tantrapa Tulku.

  • Tim White, grandson of Grace Hoelseth White, married Tammy Colombo at the Carmel Mission, California, on 18 October 2003. Read interviews with Tim White in The Courier (newsletter of the Sacramento Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution) and The Carmichael Chamber of Commerce Commentator.

  • Obituary of George P. Nornes (1925-2003). Nornes was a descendant of Kersti Kristensdatter Holseth (1834-1920)

  • Photo of Andrea Victoria Horda Hoelseth (Sandefjords Blad 16 June 2003)

  • Photo of Cathrine Louise Horda Hoelseth (to the right) at Bugården Church, Sandefjord, 24 December 2001.

  • Obituary of Maurice Nornes (1924-2001). Nornes was a descendant of Kersti Kristensdatter Holseth (1834-1920)

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