Presentation of Dag T. Hoelseth

    Photo taken in June 2009.

Presentation of Dag Trygsland Hoelseth

Dag Trygsland Hoelseth was born in Asker on 12 June 1970 as the second of two sons of Bjørn Hoelseth by his wife Aud Trygsland. He has an elder brother, Ole, b. 1966.

Dag married Synnøve Flatebø, b. 1970, in Mandal church on 13 October 2007. They have one daughter, Sigrid, who was born on 17 July 2010.

The family moved to Sandefjord in 1977. Following education at Unneberg skole (primary school) 1977–1983 and Breidablikk Junior High Shcool (ungdomsskole) 1983–1986, Hoelseth graduated from Sandefjord High School (Sandefjord Gymnas, now called Sandefjord Videregående Skole) in 1989. Hoelseth then moved to Oslo to continue his education at the University of Oslo. He passed the Examen Philosophicum (preliminary exam) during the fall of 1989 and then started studies in English language and literature, reaching the level of English middle subject in 1991. After a one year's break 1991-92 doing his military service as an infantry soldier at Terningmoen, Elverum, Hoelseth returned to Oslo and the University where he passed his political science exams in 1994. He then switched to history, majoring in 1997 with the degree Cand.philol. (somewhere between an MA and a PhD).

His university dissertation in history was named Det nasjonale kongedømme. Det norske monarkiet 1905–1910 («National kingdom. The Norwegian monarchy 1905–1910»).

In December 1997, two days before his final oral exam, Hoelseth got a temporary position in the archives of the Church Department at the Royal Ministry of Education, Research and Church affairs.1 In March 1998 he switched to a similar position at the University and College Department of the same ministry,2 before he in May 1998 got a permanent position as an editorial secretary at the Lovdata Foundation.

  1. The Church Department was from 1 January 2002 transferred to the new Kultur- og kirkedepartementet (Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs).
  2. Universitets- og høyskoleavdelingen (The University and College Department) became a part of the restructured Utdannings- og forskningsdepartementet (Ministry of Education and Research) from 1 January 2002, which from 1 January 2008 was renamed Kunnskapsdepartemenet (still same name in English).

The historian

As an historian Dag T. Hoelseth is focusing on (serious) royal history and genealogy as well as constitutional history. Other interests are Norwegian-American emigration history and Eastern European topics. Besides his university dissertation Hoelseth has for several years beeen freelancing for various Norwegian newspapers and magazines, mainly covering royalty. He has also contributed to the book Jakten på det norske : perspektiver på utviklingen av en norsk nasjonal identitet på 1800-tallet (Oslo: Ad Notam Gyldendal, 1998).

Historisk utredning om kongehuset, dets apanasjer og disponible statseiendommer - "Report on the Norwegian Royal House's civil list and the state-owned properties at its disposial" [pdf] (on behalf of the Palace Committee, Ministry of Labour and Administration) - was finished in December 2000 and published on 22 January 2001.

Hoelseth has written the article ««En svensk-norsk union av det rätta slaget». Forholdet mellom kongehusene i Norge og Sverige 1905–1929» (««A Swedish-Norwegian union of the right sort». The relationship between the royal houses in Norway and Sweden 1905–1929») in the anthology Norsk-svenske relasjoner i 200 år («Norwegian-Swedish relations for 200 years»), Oslo: Aschehough, 2005, pp. 41–56 (ed.: Øystein Sørensen and Torbjörn Nilsson).

In August 2009 Hoelseth published the genealogy Slekten Robertsen fra Lillehavn i Lindesnes («The Robertsen family from Lillehavn in Lindesnes») in connection with the Robertsen family reunion celebrated at Spangereid. (See also a blog article about the booklet.)

For a more detailed (but not yet complete) bibliography, go to his user's page at Slektshistoriewiki.

Work experience, freelance activities

Organisation experience etc.



Football (soccer) has always been one of Hoelseth's main interests. In his younger days he played for Helgerød Idrettslag in Sandefjord. Later he has only played with friends in the parks or at the University (just for fun), but has been involved in organised supporters' activities for many years. He also used to play floor bandy (indoor activity), playing actively in his university days (among others for the team Harde Køller) as well at the KRIK-IT training sessions.

In later years he has become increasingly interested in genealogy and has worked hard on searching his ancestry and collateral lines. So far he has mainly been working on the families of Hoelseth and Ekeli, but hopes to do more on the Trygsland and Ramstad families as well later.

His Internet website is another obvious hobby, besides literature and travelling.


At the University of Oslo Hoelseth was an active member of the Oslo Kristelige Studentlag (Oslo Student Christian Fellowship). Later he occasionally attended cermons in Storsalen (Normisjon, formerly Indremisjonsselskapet), but soon after moving to Oppsal in 2007 Dag and his wife have become active in Oppsal church, attending services regularly

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